Rotor Q-Ring Road Chainring Set 110 PCD Black

Rotor Q-Ring Road Chainring Set 110 PCD Black

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Rotor Q-Ring Road Chainring Set 110 PCD Black

QRings have an intelligent, sublime ovalization free of damaging 'acceleration peaks' and 'loading peaks' that allow both professional and recreational cyclists to ride faster with less lactates. Their shape ensures both faster acceleration and a smoother pedal stroke, promoting natural joint movement as well as uniform muscle and tendon loading. The ovalization of QRings strikes the crucial balance between performance gain and spinning efficiency. Additionally, the orientation of QRings is different from any system earlier conceived. Because the point of maximum power varies between cyclists, from when the crank is between 20 to 25º below the horizontal (as a result of leg inertia, bike geometry, riding position and biomechanics), the necessity of a Regulation System to customize the chainring for each cyclist’s pedaling style is clearly evident. That's why QRings have their unique 'OCP' (Optimum Chainring Position) chainring hole ring. The QRings' shape, orientation and adjustability are what set them apart and ensures that they are here to stay.

Q-Rings have been making quiet headway into the mainstream of bike racing in the past few years thanks in part to their sponsorship of a number of successful professional riders.

These elliptical chainrings claim to increase power generation, reduce fatigue and help prevent injury by varying the effective size of the chainring throughout the pedal stroke.

If you'e ever used the now defunct Shimano BioPace chainring system that was prevalent on bikes in the late 1980s you'll know what to expect here in terms of sensation but the crucial difference is that Rotor have sought to avoid the knee problems associated with the Shimano system.

The 'Q-Ring' is based on a simplified theme of the same company's Rotor cranks that seek to minimise the inertia that happens after 20 degrees of crank rotation through what is commonly termed 'the dead spot'.

The larger diameter of the ellipse is positioned to coincide with the down stroke of the pedalling cycle, increasing the gear ratio just when the leg is best able to provide maximum force.

The positioning of the smallest gear ratio coincides with the pedal reaching the ‘dead spot’ at the bottom of the pedalling cycle.

Q-Rings increase your power by emulating a Rotor System crankset in the power stroke and by minimizing the intensity of the "dead spot" zones. By extending the time you spend in the power stroke (where 90% of all power is produced) and smoothly accelerating the legs through the critically weak "dead spots". A 53T Q-Ring, around the upper dead-spot is equivalent to a 51T, but as the pedal goes down and more strength is applied, the equivalent chainring tooth size reaches 56T.

Tech Spec:

Lightweight & Quality: CNC machined from the highest quality aluminium, with a special nickel plated finish for extreme wear resistance.

Latest technology with simplest mechanics: Q-Rings are user friendly; easy to install and easy to find and change the regulation setting through the patented OCP System. Affordable: prices are within the reach of every cyclist. Designed and patented by ROTOR: Innovation and performance through our engineering at the service of the cycling community.

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