Lucky Evo  - Polished complete scooter

Lucky Evo - Polished complete scooter

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Where do we even start? Lucky was founded in 2009 and along with that year the small yet growing scooter community saw the first ever produced Lucky deck. It was a deck with holes in the headtube, a bolt that connected the bottom of the deck to the headtube, and it worked great as a boat anchor. All joking aside, it would be hard to break the first Lucky deck even if you had a sledgehammer. All of us at Lucky sat down one year ago and decided on one thing: we wanted our new line of scooters to bring back the best memories of our heritage. The days where scooter parts were solid and inspired confidence. After countless long nights the EVO was created. The star in the Broadway show, the epic movie, your favorite food, the DRC was based on the EVO and was molded around its character. With holes though the headtube and the hefty feeling of the deck under your feet, the EVO just feels so right when you first step onto it. The EVO has been reborn, you’re not dreaming. This time we went with a 3D forged headtube and flattened the sides so your hands aren't ripped off when doing a finger whip. The EVO also has 120mm wheels so you have plenty of speed to grind that 22 stair handrail. The EVO is the golden child. The best Lucky has to offer. The best out of the box scooter in the freestyle scooter market