Raleigh Starz 16  Alloy Girls

Raleigh Starz 16 Alloy Girls

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 For chic girls everywhere, the Raleigh Starz is the essential style accessory with its Midnight Blue frame and beautiful graphics. 

Starz has a lightweight aluminium frame which is easy to handle and manoeuvre for little riders and has been designed with a lower top tube which makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bike also has a V-brake modulator which regulates the force that goes down to the front aluminium V-brake resulting in smoother braking and aluminium/resin brake levers, which are designed to be easily operated by little fingers and are fitted with an adjustment screw to fit smaller hands. The handlebars have been created to put children into a more upright riding position which encourages them to be more aware of their surroundings. 

Aluminium rims give an improved surface for the brake blocks to brake against and junior non-slip pedals, a safety feature Raleigh has been fitting to Children's bikes for years, which have been fitted with rubber pads to prevent feet slipping off. Each pair of non-slip pedals is carefully colour matched to fit the bike design. The Starz tyres also feature reflective lines which make the bike more visible to road users and other cyclists. 

Raleigh focuses on every detail of design when it comes to their bikes, with colour coordinated saddles, grips and brake cables to complete the look, as well as having graphics applied under a clear coat to ensure they don't fade or become damaged over time. Longevity and enjoyment are provided in masses with the Starz! Starz also boasts an aluminium kickstand to protect it during none usage.